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Past Pro Bono Award Recipients

Past Award Recipients

2022 Awards

Dorne Hawxhurst (Private Practitioner)
Stoel Rives LLC (Firm)
Alice Curci (Public Sector)

2021 Awards

Scott Sterling (Private Practitioner)
Dave Jones (Public Sector)
Davis Wright Tremaine, LLP (Firm)

2020 Awards 

Lori Colbert (Individual)
Lane Powell (Firm)

2019 Awards

Bonnie Coghlan (Private Practitioner)
Aisha Bray (Public Sector)

2018 Awards

Marc June (Solo Practitioner)
Hughes White et al (Firm)

2017 Awards

Sue Ellen Tatter (Solo Practitioner)
Michael Lessmeier (Firm)

2016 Awards

Rob & Jeannie Sato (Solo Practitioners)
Dorsey & Whitney (Firm)
Matt Claman (Public Sector)
Lee Holen (Lifetime Achievement)

2015 Awards

Gail Ballou (Solo Practitioner)
Law Firm of John Franich (Firm)
UA General Counsel’s Office (Government)

2014 Awards

Gwen Neal (Solo Practitioner)
Patton Boggs, LLP (Firm)
Becky Kruse (Government)

2013 Awards

Teka Lamade (Solo Practitioner)
Feldman Orlansky & Sanders and Mark Kroloff (Firm)
Dario Borghesan (Government)
Perkins Coie (Lifetime Achievement)

2012 Awards

Retired Judge Rene Gonzalez (Individual)
Atkinson Conway & Gagnon (Firm)
Andy Harrington (Government)
Anchorage Bar Association’s Young Lawyer Section

2011 Awards

Margaret O’Toole Rogers (Individual)
Borgeson and Kramer (Firm)
Robin Fowler (Government)
Cook Schuhmann & Groseclose (Lifetime Achievement)

2010 Awards

Chris Brecht (Private Practitioner)
Erik LeRoy (Solo Practitioner)
Walker & Eakes LLC (Firm)
Dan Rodgers (Lifetime Achievement)

2009 Awards

Tom Schul (Individual)
Lane Powell (Firm)

2008 Awards

Phillip Eide (Private Practitioner)
Davis Wright and Tremaine (Firm)
Ashburn and Mason (Lifetime Achievment)

2007 Awards

Attorney Michael MacDonald and paralegal Julie Simmons (Individual – first year given to an attorney/paralegal team)
Walker & Eakes (Firm)

2006 Awards

Currey Cook (Public Sector)
Paul Paslay (Individual) 
Dorsey & Whitney (Firm)

2005 Awards

Bruce Botelho (Individual)  
Baxter Bruce & Sullivan (Firm)

2004 Awards

Dan Rodgers (Individual)
Jon Katcher (Individual)
Ashburn & Mason (Firm)

2003 Awards

Jim Kentch – Distinguished Individual Service Pro Bono Award 
Niewohner & Associates – Distinguished Firm Pro Bono Award 
Clapp, Peterson & Stowers – Distinguished Firm Pro Bono Award 
Faulkner Banfield – Pro Bono Lifetime Achievement Award (Firm)  
Mike Gershel – Pro Bono Lifetime Achievement Award (Individual)

2002 Awards

Jennifer Wagner (Individual)   
Volland & Taylor (Firm)

2001 Awards

Keith Levy (Individual) 
Leslie Longenbaugh (Individual) 
Faulkner Banfield (Firm)

2000 Awards

Thomas Yerbich (Individual) 
Mendel & Associates (Firm)

1999 Awards

Rita Allee (Individual) 
Schendel & Callahan (Firm)

1998 Awards

Mark Rindner (Individual)  
Perkins Coie (Firm)

1997 Awards

Tony Strong (Individual) 
Faulkner, Banfield, Doogan & Holmes (Firm)

1996 Awards

Sharon Gleason (Individual)  
Perkins Coie (Firm)

1995 Awards

Marilyn Stowell (Individual) 
Cook, Schuhmann & Groseclose (Firm)

1994 Awards

William M. Erwin (Individual) 
Bogle & Gates (Firm)

1993 Awards

Don Craddick (Individual) 
Bliss Riordan (Firm)

1992 Awards

Kathy Atkinson

1991 Awards

John Abbott

1990 Awards

Jamie Fischer

1989 Awards

Jane Pettigrew – 1st annual Pro Bono award 

Pro Bono Recognition

1995: Maryann Foley – 10 years on Pro Bono Supervisory Committee
1997: Thomas Yerbich – ABA’s Senior Division Pro Bono Award
1997: Dr. Scott & LTD Court Reporters – non-lawyer service
1999: Seth Eames: outgoing Pro Bono Director for 15 years

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