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Ethics & Discipline

Attorney Resources

As a service to bar members, informal guidance on active and pending ethics issues may be provided by bar counsel or counsel’s designees. Visit our page Ethics Guidance for Attorneys page for more information and for a list of resources.

Click the corresponding link below to view Alaska Bar Association Adopted Ethics Opinions by date or by topic.

Alaska Bar Rule 15.1 requires all lawyers subject to Alaska Rule of Professional Conduct 1.15 to sign a Waiver of Confidentiality regarding their trust account(s) and send that Waiver to the Bar Association.

Visit our page on Interest on Lawyers Trust Accounts for information on maintenance of trust funds and for information provided by Bar Counsel.

Community Resources

Are you looking to hire an attorney and want to view information about their public discipline record first? If the attorney has ever received some form of public discipline, it will show up in your search.

Visit our Attorney Discipline History page to use our search tool. 

Would you like to see if the attorney you are considering has had any discipline notices or change of status within the last 30 days?

View our public notices page to view any current filings.

Are you in a dispute about attorney fees? We’ve put together a page full of information on options you have at your disposal.

View our Attorney Fee Disputes page to understand different ways you can handle a fee dispute with your attorney.

Do you have a concern, or even a complaint, against an attorney?  We’ve gathered some key resources to help you understand what is considered lawyer misconduct, as well as walk you through how a complaint is reviewed and what the Alaska Bar Association cannot do with complaints.

Click here to review details and instructions on Complaints Against Attorneys

The Lawyers’ Fund for Client Protection is a fund administered by the Board of Governors to compensate individuals who have lost money, property or other things of value as the result of the dishonest conduct of a lawyer. The loss cannot be otherwise covered by any insurance or bond and it must meet the other specific requirements of Alaska Bar Rule 45. Compensation is in the sole discretion of the Board after reviewing a report of investigation by members of the LFCP Committee.

For more information, contact the Alaska Bar Association at 907-272-7469, fax 907-272-2932, or e-mail:

The Alaska Bar Association staff is happy to assist with services within our scope; however, we do not have attorneys on staff to provide legal advice nor do we assign and/or refer pro bono cases to attorneys. If you are seeking legal assistance, please access our Community Resource page.

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