Nomination Form


Deadline: March 15, 2017


Email nominations to: Andy Haas



1. Please feel free to nominate yourself: We likely already know of and certainly appreciate all you are doing in the field of international law. But it is important that you remind us of these contributions  by filling out the attached form. Feel free to send us anything that would support the nomination, such as articles, resumes or other background information.


2. The nominee does not have to be present to receive the award: If you know of someone working abroad helping in the field of international law, let’s recognize what they have done. They don’t have to come back for the recognition.  If you don’t tell us about them, no-one else will.


3. Standards:  We are looking for an Alaskan Bar member who has helped advance the field of human rights in international law, either locally or abroad–for instance, indigenous law,  humanitarian rights, government, corporate law, or judicial fora.


4. Remind us of what the nominee has done lately:  Please take a moment to briefly explain your or the nominee’s substantive expertise, interests and contribution.


5. Repeat nominations: We received quite a few excellent nominations last year, and we neglected to thank you for them. If you want to repeat your nomination, we would gratefully welcome it.