Nomination Deadline: July 27


Nominating petition

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The Board of Governors of the Alaska Bar Association is soliciting nominations for a seat on the Commission on Judicial Conduct in the 1st Judicial District, currently held by Amy Gurton Mead.  This will be to complete her term ending in March 2020. Polling will be held only in the Judicial District in which the vacancy occurs.


In addition, the Board may conduct a further review of the nominees that it deems appropriate. The Board will submit one or more names to the Governor and from those attorney nominees the Governor shall make the appointment to the Commission, subject to legislative confirmation.


Any member of the Alaska Bar from the 1st Judicial District who has practiced law in this State for 10 years is eligible for appointment to the Commission. 


Please note:  Anyone appointed to the Commission must file a Conflict of Interest Statement with the Alaska Public Offices Commission (see AS 39.50).  If you object to the filing of a financial disclosure report, or if it is unclear whether your firm or professional corporation would allow you to file a list of your clients, then you should first determine whether you can comply with the provisions of the Conflict of Interest Law before submitting your name as a candidate for nomination by the Board to the Commission on Judicial Conduct.