Admiralty Fishing Vessel Injury/Death at sea


Administrative Gov’t agencies & administrative appeals Civil Rights




Alaska Native Law


Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR)


Arts Bands, Art contracts, entertainment




Commercial Sales, Contracts, Business/Partnerships agreements, general business law


Construction Contractor/Subcontractor issues


Consumer Collections, Complaints, Credit, general consumer problems, personal loans






Debt Collection/Judgement Enforcement


Discrimination Public discrimination


Divorce/Dissolution/Custody Child support issues, any family law matter


Eminent Domain Gov’t seizing of private property


Environmental Environmental concerns







Insurance Bad faith, insurance and policy holder problems


Intellectual Property


Juvenile Deliquency


Labor Relations Wage claims, sexual harassment, wrongful discharge, discrimination, general labor issues


Landlord/Tenant Rental issues, evictions


Malpractice Medical negligence against physicians, claims against other professionals


Military Law




Negligence Auto accidents, personal injury, libel/slander, property damage, harassment




Public Interest Claims in the interest of the public


Real Estate Buying/Selling, foreclosures, property deeds, title assistance, etc.


Social Security Disability


Tax Federal, state & local


Traffic Speeding, basic traffic violations


Trusts/Wills/Estates Probate, Trust funds, basic P.O.A.


Workers Compensation