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Alaska Legal Services Corporation Pro Bono Cases


Please contact Laura Goss at ALSC for information about these pro bono opportunities.

907-222-4521 or


(Updated 11/5/2019)


Main Benefits of volunteering Pro Bono at ALSC

  • Malpractice Insurance
  • Mentors can assigned to assist you with your pro bono case
  • Online Resources, including a Brief Bank, legal webinars, templates and helpful documents
  • Court filing fees are waived
  • Expenses are reimbursed

Average pro bono involvement with an ALSC client/case is just 11 hours.  In 2018, pro bono volunteering ranged from a commitment of half-hour consultations to a 400 hour case which took 4 years.  Most (86% of 351) ALSC pro bono cases were completed by a volunteer attorney in 10 hours or less.


Current Cases needing a Pro Bono Attorney:



Mother of a three-year-old son needs attorney assistance to get her son’s share of his father’s estate.  The father (they were unmarried) died in a boating accident in 2016.  She received a payout from the life insurer, but a liability policy has not yet been paid to the son.  The father’s mother filed probate and was appointed PR, but the probate is pending as administrative closure because the mother did not follow-through.



Partial quadriplegic in Ketchikan would like to change the trustee for a Special Needs Trust, and needs a lawyer’s help to do so. 



Disabled woman needs a lawyer, preferably in the Mat-Su Valley, to help her to file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.  Most of her debts are credit cards.  She will need Alaska exemptions to protect her house. 



78 year old woman in Willow needs to file a FEMA Appeal by December 11, 2019.  The contractor’s estimate from the damage to her home in the 2018 earthquake was $20,000 and FEMA approver her for approximately $6500. 



Native Alaskan man had a default judgement entered against him in 1996 related to a car accident.  He first learned of this (service was deemed satisfied through a Notice to Absent Defendant) when denied for a driver’s license in 2000.  He did not own a vehicle at the time of the accident.  He would like to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, after consulting with two attorneys about this matter. 



Widow in Ketchikan needs an attorney to help her with an informal Probate.  The client’s husband died in 2014.  She would like to transfer the title of their home to her. 



Woman in Kenai experienced substantial home damage in the 2018 earthquake.  After inspection, it was determined she only had $1296 in damages. She appealed and was told by FEMA she needed a contractor to declare the damages are worse that originally determined.  The contractor wrote a letter to FEMA stating the house is a total loss due to foundation damage and that repairs are not feasible.  FEMA denied this claim because no bid was submitted by the contractor (because no work was to be done by him), although they accepted that the house is a total loss.  She was told FEMA would give her $30,000 if contractors would submit bids.



Woman in Trapper Creek (she will come to Anchorage to meet with her attorney) needs a lawyer to investigate the Equal Pay Act claim; also potential breach of covenant of good faith and fair dealing.  She feels she was fired due to her age (63) and gender. 



28 year old woman in Glenn Allen needs assistance getting custody/visitation of her two young children, ages 3 and 7. The father has filed for custody. He was recently charged with domestic violence after he strangled her. This case is pending in Palmer, and he has an attorney representing him. 



Woman needs a divorce from her abusive husband of 9 years; they have 3 children.  He is in the Army at JBER. There is property and debt to divide and custody to determine. He has a private attorney. He filed for divorce and client has filed an answer.


Unbundled Pro Bono Opportunities with ALSC:


Advice and Counsel Clinics

Provide basic screening and one-time legal assistance for a low-income Alaskan with a civil legal need, either in-person or by phone.  Specific clinics are scheduled with one-hour consultations for Employment, Bankruptcy, Veterans, Family Law, Landlord/Tenant, Wills and Probate, and General Matters.  Volunteering for clinics typically involves 3-7 hours per day/clinic, once a quarter, and most are booked according to your schedule.  Contact Laura Goss at ALSC for more information.  907-222-4521 or


Landlord/Tenant Hotline

During one 2 hour evening shift per month, you will answer calls from Alaskans with questions about their current situation.  Your main resource is the Landlord/Tenant Act Handbook.  You will receive calls at any phone of your choice.  Contact Laura Goss at ALSC for more information.  907-222-4521 or


Housing Court Justice Project

Assist Pro Se low-income tenants or low-income landlords (if the other side has an attorney) in Eviction Court.  You will be present at Anchorage District Court one morning per month for 2 hours to provide limited assistance to clients scheduled for eviction proceedings such as: legal counseling, negotiating settlement agreements, representation in an eviction hearing, and drafting any relevant documents, such as pleadings and answers.  Contact Laura Goss at ALSC for more information.  907-222-4521 or


Early Resolution Project (ERP) – Anchorage – Palmer – Kenai – Juneau 

In one afternoon, you will offer free legal advice to family law pro se litigants referred by the Alaska Court System, who they have deemed as easy to resolve with attorney assistance.  You will meet privately with your client and work out an amicable agreement between both parties that same day.  86% of ERP cases are amicably completed that afternoon.  ERP volunteers are needed in Anchorage, Palmer, Juneau, and Kenai.  ERP sessions are held once per month in each city except Anchorage where it is held weekly.  Contact Laura Goss at ALSC for more information.  You can schedule to participate depending on your availability.  907-222-4521 or


Pro Bono Attorney Mentoring Opportunity  

The Pro Bono Training Academy (PBTA) is an exciting initiative aimed at increasing support for our pro bono volunteers.  We hope to do this in many ways, one of which is by creating a mentoring system wherein experienced volunteer attorneys mentor newer volunteer attorneys in specific areas of the law.  Hopefully, knowing they are supported will encourage attorneys to take on more complex cases on a volunteer basis.  We are looking for experienced attorneys interested in serving as a mentor attorney.  We are also very interested in your ideas about what such a program should look like.  If you want to serve Alaska’s low-income population by sharing your legal expertise, please contact: Sarah Carver, Project Coordinator, Pro Bono Training Academy,, 907.406.2222.


Alaska Network on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault—Legal Advocacy Program


(Updated 11/5/2019)

  1. Palmer divorce/custody. Case served; client needs to answer.  2 kids.  DV includes suicide threats and threats with gun.  Property includes house.  Client and kids have relocated to a safe location. 

  2. Anchorage custody. Interim custody hearing 11/5/19; final custody trial 1/13/20.  1 child.  DV includes stalking and threats to kill. 

  3. Cordova divorce/custody/PO. Nothing filed yet.  Client seeks assistance with obtaining divorce and custody of 2 kids.  Husband has pending criminal charges for assault and criminal mischief.  Property includes house and debts.  Client is limited English proficient and will need interpreter services, which ANDVSA can provide. 

  4. Palmer custody modification – pro se assist. Nothing filed yet.  Out of state client seeks pro se assistance to register out of state custody order, ask Alaska to take jurisdiction, and move to modify custody.  Case will involve jurisdictional research. 
  5. Anchorage – non-litigation housing assistance. Good option for the non-litigator volunteer!  Sexual assault survivor seeks lease review and non-litigation advocacy with landlord to allow her to break her lease so that perpetrator does not know where she lives. 


Any questions and/or interest in the above cases, please contact Katy Soden @ 907-297-2791 or

Alaska Immigration Justice Project – Pro Bono Asylum Project

(Updated 7/8/2019)


The Alaska Immigration Justice Project will provide training and mentoring for pro bono attorneys willing to take on an asylum case or a Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (“SIJS”) guardianship case. 


Asylum #1 – Husband and wife from Latin America seek asylum due to political persecution.   Need  pro bono attorney(s) to file affirmative asylum applications with Department of Homeland Security.


Asylum #2 – Young professional from Latin America seeks asylum due to political persecution.   Need  pro bono attorney to file affirmative asylum applications with Department of Homeland Security.


Please contact Dan Rodgers at (907) 279-2457 or if interested in receiving more information.