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Alaska Legal Services Corporation Pro Bono Cases


Please contact Laura Goss at ALSC for information about these pro bono opportunities.

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(Updated 2/12/2020)


ALSC pro bono cases make up approximately 12% of all cases statewide annually. 

  • Average time commitment on an ALSC pro bono case is just 11 hours, and in 2018, most (86%) of ALSC pro bono cases were completed by a volunteer attorney in 10 hours or less.
  • In 2018-2019 only 16% of pro bono cases went to court.

Taking a pro bono case with ALSC comes with a variety of supports, including

  • Malpractice Insurance
  • Mentorship for those taking on a case in a new practice area
  • Access to online resources, including a brief bank, legal webinars, and templates
  • Waiver of court filing fees
  • Reimbursement of expenses
  • Use of our office space to meet with your pro bono clients or prepare for your cases

Current Cases needing a Pro Bono Attorney:



Alaska Native man in his 70s was conveyed land by his mother in her will.  He now needs the land trusteed to him so that he can will it to his children.  The land is not an allotment, it is Homestead Act land. 



Client has ongoing difficulties with her child’s father over visitation; they have split custody now.  Dad has an attorney.  The child was diagnosed with ADHD, but the father will not give him his needed medication while the child is in his custody.  OCS investigated the child’s reported abuse after being informed by a teacher.  The mother would like to modify custody to ensure the well-being of her son. 



Woman in Wasilla is seeking assistance in a divorce/custody case involving domestic violence.  Husband was charged and convicted of an assault 4.  Husband, who has hired counsel, filed for divorce after wife filed a DVPO and both parties have filed for primary custody. They have no shared assets; this case is mainly about custody of their two children.



Young woman living in Willow, AK needs a pro bono attorney to represent her in a divorce and custody case.  There is a history of physical, verbal and emotional domestic violence plus multiple infidelities by the husband, and one of their three children died in a car fire while in the care of the father.  ALSC staff attorney has filed a motion for divorce and a DVPO for the client.



Widow needs a pro bono attorney to complete her Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.  When her husband died in 2017, she lost her home and vehicle.  She has only two debtors from consolidated credit cards and a repossessed automobile that is now in collections.  ALSC can provide mentorship to teach you how to complete a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy application. 



Man lived at Anchorage motel for several months.  He experienced bed bugs, mice and cockroach infestations, and other uninhabitable living conditions.  The motel did not disclose these problems when he was deciding to live there.  Client would like to bring a suit against the residence, possibly for claims of negligence, fraud, violation of the Landlord/Tenant Act, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. 



Woman, her husband, and four children, who live in Wasilla, suffered carbon monoxide poisoning in 2015 while living in a rental property, rendering them permanently disabled.  There was a settlement of $552,500, but it still needs to be allocated among the six plaintiffs.  Client needs assistance closing out the settlement.  There are no pending court hearings. 



Alaska Native man owed a property in Anchorage which went into foreclosure.  His Power of Attorney has filed two separate actions, one in small claims court to recover money she leant the client to repair his home for selling and one for the damages to the property and loss of money, since the scheduled repairs were never completed and the sale fell through. Opposing party has moved to consolidate the two cases and has filed answers.  He needs an attorney to work with the Breach of Contract claim. A Pre-Trial Conference is scheduled for 2/20/20.



Young Alaska Native man in Fairbanks with FASD which causes his illiteracy has a claim of disability discrimination against his past employer.  He was denied requested accommodation with assistance in taking a training questionnaire/test and was subsequently fired for failing the exam.  A lawyer is wanted to help him prove his claim of disability discrimination. 



Disabled woman needs a lawyer in the Mat-Su Valley to help her to file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.  Most of her debts are credit cards.  She will need Alaska exemptions to protect her house.    



Woman in Trapper Creek (she will come to Anchorage to meet with her attorney) needs a lawyer to investigate the Equal Pay Act claim; also potential breach of covenant of good faith and fair dealing.  She feels she was fired due to her age (63) and gender.  She has current and past employees to substantiate her claim.  



Unbundled Pro Bono Opportunities with ALSC:


Advice and Counsel Clinics

Provide basic screening and one-time legal assistance for a low-income Alaskan with a civil legal need, either in-person or by phone.  Specific clinics are scheduled with one-hour consultations for Employment, Bankruptcy, Veterans, Family Law, Landlord/Tenant, Wills and Probate, and General Matters.  Volunteering for clinics typically involves 3-7 hours per day/clinic, once a quarter, and most are booked according to your schedule.  Contact Laura Goss at ALSC for more information.  907-222-4521 or


Landlord/Tenant Hotline

During one 2 hour evening shift per month, you will answer calls from Alaskans with questions about their current situation.  Your main resource is the Landlord/Tenant Act Handbook.  You will receive calls at any phone of your choice.  Contact Laura Goss at ALSC for more information.  907-222-4521 or


Housing Court Justice Project

Assist Pro Se low-income tenants or low-income landlords (if the other side has an attorney) in Eviction Court.  You will be present at Anchorage District Court one morning per month for 2 hours to provide limited assistance to clients scheduled for eviction proceedings such as: legal counseling, negotiating settlement agreements, representation in an eviction hearing, and drafting any relevant documents, such as pleadings and answers.  Contact Laura Goss at ALSC for more information.  907-222-4521 or


Early Resolution Project (ERP) – Anchorage – Palmer – Kenai – Juneau 

In one afternoon, you will offer free legal advice to family law pro se litigants referred by the Alaska Court System, who they have deemed as easy to resolve with attorney assistance.  You will meet privately with your client and work out an amicable agreement between both parties that same day.  86% of ERP cases are amicably completed that afternoon.  ERP volunteers are needed in Anchorage, Palmer, Juneau, and Kenai.  ERP sessions are held once per month in each city except Anchorage where it is held weekly.  Contact Laura Goss at ALSC for more information.  You can schedule to participate depending on your availability.  907-222-4521 or


Pro Bono Attorney Mentoring Opportunity  

The Pro Bono Training Academy (PBTA) is an exciting initiative aimed at increasing support for our pro bono volunteers.  We hope to do this in many ways, one of which is by creating a mentoring system wherein experienced volunteer attorneys mentor newer volunteer attorneys in specific areas of the law.  Hopefully, knowing they are supported will encourage attorneys to take on more complex cases on a volunteer basis.  We are looking for experienced attorneys interested in serving as a mentor attorney.  We are also very interested in your ideas about what such a program should look like.  If you want to serve Alaska’s low-income population by sharing your legal expertise, please contact: Sarah Carver, Project Coordinator, Pro Bono Training Academy,, 907.406.2222.

Alaska Network on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault—Legal Advocacy Program


(Updated 6/2/2020)



Low Bono Opportunities


ANDVSA has a new grant that allows us to offer low bono contracts for domestic violence and sexual assault-related family law cases!  Please note that these funds are limited and any of these cases may instead be taken pro bono.  For more information, please contact Katy Soden at

  1. Fairbanks DVPO case. Long-term DVPO hearing on 6/15/20 at 8:30a.m.  Client seeks assistance with long-term protective order hearing.  DV includes assault and stalking.  OP has counsel.  ANDVSA can pay $75/hour up to 20 hours. 
  2. Petersburg divorce/custody/DVPO case. Trial date setting conference on 6/22/20.  Client currently has a long-term DVPO and will soon be filing a petition to extend it; she will likely need representation at the extension hearing.  Case involves 1 child with severe medical needs. DV includes assault, forced sex, threats to kill, and grandparents have recently intervened.  Little to no property.  OP has counsel.  ANDVSA can pay $75/hour up to 50 hours for both the divorce/custody and DVPO cases.

Pro Bono Opportunities 

  1. Kodiak divorce/custody. Trial call 8/3/20; trial 8/19/20.  Client seeks representation in divorce/custody case.  2 kids.  Client has long-term protective order in place and is awarded temporary custody.  Client seeks to relocate.  DV includes physical assault, sexual assault, and physical harm to children.  Limited property including vehicles, debts, and personal property.  Opposing party has counsel. 

Any questions and/or interest in the above cases, please contact Katy Soden @ 907-297-2791 or