Current Pro Bono Cases



Alaska Legal Services Corporation Pro Bono Cases


(Updated 4/16/2019)


Please contact Laura Goss at 222-4521 or if you are interested in any of the cases and/or projects listed below.



Mother of two needs legal counsel to assist her with an AERC complaint for disability discrimination and an unemployment denial claim.  This case may be a strong candidate for settlement. 



A Family Law attorney is needed to help a woman with a Divorce and Custody case.  There are two children and the father is unemployed, homeless, and most likely a drug user.  The major contested issue is property; he isn’t pushing for more time with his children.



A senior would like to get his Will completed.



Client is being sued as a Board Member of a non-profit organization.  She needs legal help to navigate this suit.



Woman needs a pro bono attorney who specializes in real estate law to consult with her about an issue with a home purchase.  The man she purchased her home from failed to disclose serious issues with the roof, well, rotting framing, and more.  It is estimated that $20,000 in repairs are needed.



Senior with Parkinson’s disease needs an attorney to file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy for him. 



Elderly woman living in Anchorage is trying to recover her interest in a parcel of real estate in Kenai. 



Disabled senior needs assistance with preparing for an FED trial.  He is the Personal Representative and has been trying to evict a squatter off the estate.  He filed the case himself, but is now confused about how to prepare for trial.



This pro bono case needs a Contract, Real Estate, and/or Construction Law attorney.  Client contracted with a construction company to build a home. That contractor is now threatening to quit the job, unfinished.  The real estate agent involved tried to smooth things over unsuccessfully.  The home is related to a USDA Rural Development loan and so if the home is not finished, it puts the loan and the closing in jeopardy. 



Elderly, frail client rented a mobile home and claims her cleaning deposit was not returned.  She is afraid of the landlord because he threatened her. She speaks limited English and will need a translator, which ALSC will pay for.



Client feels he was fired at work due to discrimination and harassment.  He needs an attorney to investigate his claims and assist him with a possible case against his employer.



This is a divorce case with no children.  The couple are both senior citizens and our client has serious medical issues and has been staying in the hospital.  The divorce case was filed in Anchorage, although the client lives in Homer and the husband lives in Cordova.  She is having difficulty obtaining Medicaid and other assistance because she is still married and the husband has a large amount of assets, including a substantial retirement account. 



A lawyer in Fairbanks is needed to help an elderly woman get a lien removed from her property for assisted living home services for her unmarried partner, who is not an owner of this property and is now deceased. 



Woman was fired from her job for advocating for health and safety issues, and for doing something another male manager did.  This is a case of sex discrimination and retaliation for previous sex discrimination reports and wrongful termination for reporting the health and safety violations. 



Disabled woman would like to file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, and needs the help of a good lawyer to do so.



Alaska Native woman needs to Probate her brother’s estate.  The main issue is a fishing permit.



Client who is a senior is seeking recovery of money she believes was wrongfully extracted from her to pay off condo dues and special assessments when she sold her home. 



57 year-old woman needs a divorce from a violent husband. There are no minor children. There was a Dissolution Petition in 2014 but the court denied it because the property and debt distribution appeared to be “patently inequitable.”  She needs an attorney to help her obtain the marital home, a portion of husband’s retirement income, and potential spousal support.  (ALSC will pay for the QDRO.)


Unbundled Pro Bono Opportunities with ALSC:


Landlord/Tenant Hotline

During one 2 hour evening shift per month, you will answer calls from Alaskans with questions about their current situation.  Your main resource is the Landlord/Tenant Act Handbook.  You will receive calls at any phone of your choice.  Contact Laura Goss at ALSC for more information.  907-222-4521 or


Housing Court Justice Project

Assist Pro Se low-income tenants or low-income landlords (if the other side has an attorney) in Eviction Court.  You will be present at Anchorage District Court one morning per month to provide limited assistance to clients scheduled for eviction proceedings such as: legal counseling, negotiating settlement agreements, representation in an eviction hearing, and drafting any relevant documents, such as pleadings and answers.  Contact Laura Goss at ALSC for more information.  907-222-4521 or


Veterans Legal Clinic – sponsored by ALSC and the VA

You will provide free consultations for income-qualifying Veterans regarding civil legal matters.  Clinic days are scheduled once monthly and in advance.  Shifts will be 7 hours (9am-4pm) at the Northway Mall.  Consultations are 45 minutes and are pre-scheduled one hour apart.  Contact Laura Goss at or 222-4521 for more information and to sign up to volunteer to help Vets.


Early Resolution Project (ERP) – Anchorage – Palmer – Kenai – Juneau 

In one afternoon, you will offer free legal advice to family law pro se litigants referred by the Alaska Court System, who they have deemed as easy to resolve with attorney assistance.  You will meet privately with your client and work out an amicable agreement between both parties that same day.  86% of ERP cases are amicably completed that afternoon.  ERP volunteers are needed in Anchorage, Palmer, Juneau, and Kenai.  ERP sessions are held once per month in each city except Anchorage where it is held weekly.  Contact Laura Goss at ALSC for more information.  907-222-4521 or


Pro Bono Attorney Mentoring Opportunity  

The Pro Bono Training Academy (PBTA) is an exciting new initiative aimed at increasing support for our pro bono volunteers.  We hope to do this in many ways, one of which is by creating a mentoring system wherein experienced volunteer attorneys mentor newer volunteer attorneys in specific areas of the law.  Hopefully, knowing they are supported will encourage attorneys to take on more complex cases on a volunteer basis. This project is in the planning phase. We are looking for experienced attorneys interested in serving as a mentor attorney.  We are also very interested in your ideas about what such a program should look like.  If you want to serve Alaska’s low-income population by sharing your legal expertise, please contact: Sarah Carver, Project Coordinator, Pro Bono Training Academy,, 907.406.2222.

Alaska Network on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault—Legal Advocacy Program


(Updated 5/13/2019)


  1. Palmer LOW BONO protective order. Hearing on 5/8/19.  DV includes strangulation to wife and physical abuse to adopted son.  ANDVSA can pay a low bono rate to the attorney who takes this case. 
  2. Supreme Court appeal – seeking co-counsel. Brief likely due in late summer or early fall.  Dedicated pro bono volunteer representing appellee in a custody appeal seeks co-counsel. 
  3. Supreme Court appeal – appellee seeking representation. Brief likely due in early fall.  Issues on appeal include court order for abusive parent to complete a batterers’ intervention program and substance abuse program. 
  4. Anchorage divorce – property only. Case not yet filed.  Seeking a volunteer who loves animals.  Custody of 2 dogs will be most contested issue.  Opposing party has been abusive to client and the dogs. 
  5. Kenai divorce – property only. Case not yet filed.  Property includes house, tools, small business.  Husband recently arrested on DV charges. 
  6. Anchorage divorce – property only. Case not yet filed.  Little to no property.  Client speaks Spanish.  Husband possibly incarcerated out of state. 


Any questions and/or interest in the above cases, please contact Katy Soden @ 907-297-2791 or

Federal Pro Bono Project 


Updated 6/12/2018


3:18-cv-00037-TMB, Moondog v. Cordle, et al.

Complaint under 42 U.S.C. § 1983 concerns freedom of speech allegations based on prisoner voicing his concerns about (1) rodents in Lemon Creek Correctional Center’s kitchen and dining area and (2) a correction official being the victim of spousal abuse.  Prisoner alleges being retaliated against by being threatened to lose—and then losing—his “Floor Custodial” job, being placed in segregation, being threatened to have his “privileged mail” opened, being threatened to be transferred—and then being transferred—to  another facility, and having his television destroyed in the process.  Complaint is in the process of being served.  Plaintiff has provided all of the relevant paper evidence that he knows of. The U.S. District Court for the District of Alaska is willing to appoint pro bono counsel for any limited-scope representation.  Volunteer attorney(s) could help by committing to one round of interrogatories, or assisting with the limited task of learning the name(s) of those allegedly responsible for transferring plaintiff to Spring Creek Correctional and/or shipping his television without insurance.


3:16-cv-00223-RRB  Bradshaw v. Nyholm, et al.Federal civil rights case challenges idea that prisoner safety is a privilege.  Case involves Department of Corrections’ use of solitary confinement and process by which prisoners become eligible for protective custody.  Federal Pro Bono Project volunteers have drafted an amended complaint.  Discovery motions are now due June 19, and dispositive motions are due August 20, 2018.  U.S. District Court for the District of Alaska is willing to appoint pro bono counsel for any limited-scope representation that a volunteer is willing to undertake.


3:17-cv-00154-RRB, Helveston v. Brooks, et al.Federal civil rights case concerns allegations that prisoner was infected by a dentist with chronic hepatitis C while housed at Spring Creek Correctional Center and has not received medical care as agreed to in a previous court case’s settlement.  Complaint is in the process of being served; the U.S. District Court for the District of Alaska is willing to appoint pro bono counsel for limited-scope representation that a volunteer is willing to undertake (e.g., discovery, dispositive motion(s), and/or settlement negotiations).


3:17-cv-00036-SLG Powell v. Goslin, et al.Federal civil rights case concerns allegations of inadequate health care by Department of Corrections staff regarding treatment of prisoner’s shoulder injury and staph infection. The United States District Court for the District of Alaska is willing to appoint pro bono counsel for representation limited to discovery, a motion for preliminary injunction under Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 65, settlement negotiations, or any other scope of representation that a volunteer is willing to undertake.


If interested in volunteering please contact Susan Orlansky at or (907) 222-7117.

Alaska Immigration Justice Project – Pro Bono Asylum Project

(Updated 3/7/2019)


The Alaska Immigration Justice Project will provide training and mentoring for pro bono attorneys willing to take on an asylum case or a Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (“SIJS”) guardianship case. 


Asylum #1 – Young man from Latin America seeking asylum due to persecution because of sexual orientation.  He needs a pro bono attorney to file an affirmative asylum application with the Department of Homeland Security asylum office.


Asylum #2 – Young woman from Middle Eastern country seeking asylum due to gender persecution.  She needs a pro bono attorney to file an affirmative asylum application with the Department of Homeland Security asylum office.


Please contact Dan Rodgers at (907) 279-2457 or if interested in receiving more information. 

Military Pro Bono Project


Updated 3/6/2019


Anchorage: An Air Force servicemember seeks pro bono assistance with a divorce. Both parties want the divorce and are ready to file. The servicemember’s wife is represented by counsel. This was a relatively short marriage, but the wife is seeking spousal support. No children, significant assets, or real property are involved. (#22220)


Anchorage: An Air Force servicemember seeks pro bono help with a divorce. The divorce itself is not contested, but the parties cannot agree on the terms of the divorce or child custody. The wife used to be a servicemember. (#22262)


Please contact Caitlin Stanfel if interested