Current Pro Bono Cases



Alaska Legal Services Corporation Pro Bono Cases


(Updated 9/11/2019)


Please contact Laura Goss at 222-4521 or if you are interested in any of the cases and/or projects listed below.



Woman is seeking a divorce; the parties were married in 2010 and separated in August 2018.  They have no children.  There is marital debt and property to divide. 



Anchorage man purchase a home in 2018 and the seller agreed to have the furnace and water heater inspected and serviced.  In July 2018, client had an inspection of the heating system and it was found that the heat exchanger was cracked causing carbon monoxide to leak into the home.  Client had to replace it at the cost of $4000.  The screening attorney states there are multiple parties from whom out client can recover.



A pro bono attorney is needed to help with a motion to set aside the default judgement from an FED she was unaware of.  She left the rental unit a few months early due to fear for her life from domestic violence in her relationship.



Man in Wasilla was fired as a result of a mistake made by his supervisor.  His former employer may have violated FMLA in terminating him.



Widower in Willow has earthquake damage to his home. He paid the contractor, but the work is still not completed and the home is not livable.  He needs an attorney’s help to get the contractor to finish the work paid for.



Man in Wasilla has a possible FMLA claim with a past employer who fired him as result of a problem that happened during the shift the client took off to assist his mother in going to the hospital. 



Assistance is needed with a quiet title case.  The property is located in Willow, where the client resides. 



Client needs assistance with a compelling motion to set aside default judgement from an older FED.  She left the apartment during a domestic violence situation. 



Young man in Juneau needs to file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy after a lawsuit with a past employer. 



Senior with Parkinson’s disease needs an attorney to file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy for him. 



Unbundled Pro Bono Opportunities with ALSC:


Landlord/Tenant Hotline

During one 2 hour evening shift per month, you will answer calls from Alaskans with questions about their current situation.  Your main resource is the Landlord/Tenant Act Handbook.  You will receive calls at any phone of your choice.  Contact Laura Goss at ALSC for more information.  907-222-4521 or


Housing Court Justice Project

Assist Pro Se low-income tenants or low-income landlords (if the other side has an attorney) in Eviction Court.  You will be present at Anchorage District Court one morning per month to provide limited assistance to clients scheduled for eviction proceedings such as: legal counseling, negotiating settlement agreements, representation in an eviction hearing, and drafting any relevant documents, such as pleadings and answers.  Contact Laura Goss at ALSC for more information.  907-222-4521 or


Veterans Legal Clinic – sponsored by ALSC and the VA

You will provide free consultations for income-qualifying Veterans regarding civil legal matters.  Clinic days are scheduled once monthly and in advance.  Shifts will be 7 hours (9am-4pm) at the VA in Muldoon.  Consultations are 45 minutes and are pre-scheduled one hour apart.  Contact Laura Goss at or 222-4521 for more information and to sign up to volunteer to help Vets.


Early Resolution Project (ERP) – Anchorage – Palmer – Kenai – Juneau 

In one afternoon, you will offer free legal advice to family law pro se litigants referred by the Alaska Court System, who they have deemed as easy to resolve with attorney assistance.  You will meet privately with your client and work out an amicable agreement between both parties that same day.  86% of ERP cases are amicably completed that afternoon.  ERP volunteers are needed in Anchorage, Palmer, Juneau, and Kenai.  ERP sessions are held once per month in each city except Anchorage where it is held weekly.  Contact Laura Goss at ALSC for more information.  907-222-4521 or


Pro Bono Attorney Mentoring Opportunity  

The Pro Bono Training Academy (PBTA) is an exciting new initiative aimed at increasing support for our pro bono volunteers.  We hope to do this in many ways, one of which is by creating a mentoring system wherein experienced volunteer attorneys mentor newer volunteer attorneys in specific areas of the law.  Hopefully, knowing they are supported will encourage attorneys to take on more complex cases on a volunteer basis. This project is in the planning phase. We are looking for experienced attorneys interested in serving as a mentor attorney.  We are also very interested in your ideas about what such a program should look like.  If you want to serve Alaska’s low-income population by sharing your legal expertise, please contact: Sarah Carver, Project Coordinator, Pro Bono Training Academy,, 907.406.2222.

Alaska Network on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault—Legal Advocacy Program


(Updated 9/16/2019)


  1. Fairbanks divorce/custody. Parlez-vous français?*  French-speaking client seeks help with divorce and custody, 2 kids.  Case recently filed pro se; opposing party has not yet answered.  DV includes financial control and immigration-related abuse.  Limited property to divide, primarily medical debt.  *ANDVSA can provide an interpreter if you do not speak French!
  2. Kodiak divorce/custody. DV includes pushing, breaking property, and violating PO.  1 child, age 13.  Property includes house and retirements. 
  3. Haines custody modification. 1 child.  Parties reconciled after divorce and separated again.  New incident of DV resulting in criminal charges pending against opposing party.  Client also has an open DVPO but has representation.  Needs help solely with custody modification.  
  4. Dillingham divorce – pro se assist only. Client seeks help filing for simple divorce.  No kids, short term marriage, limited property. 

Any questions and/or interest in the above cases, please contact Katy Soden @ 907-297-2791 or

Federal Pro Bono Project 


Updated 8/2/2018


3:16-cv-00223-RRB; Bradshaw v. Nyholm, et al.

Federal prisoner civil rights case involves Department of Corrections’ use of solitary confinement and process by which prisoners become eligible for protective custody.  Federal Pro Bono Project volunteers have drafted an amended complaint, conducted discovery, and filed for summary judgment.  A motion for reconsideration is currently being briefed by current counsel regarding the dismissal of the constitutional claims.  A negligence claim and the question of whether qualified immunity applies remain to be litigated.  Current counsel is willing to share and help a new volunteer get up to speed.

  3:17-cv-00036-SLG; Powell v. Goslin, et al.

Federal prisoner civil rights case concerns allegations of inadequate health care by Department of Corrections staff regarding treatment of prisoner’s shoulder injury and staph infection. Currently, a pro bono attorney is needed to assist with discovery and motions.

3:18-cv-00211-RRB; Wagoner v. Dahlstrom, et al.

Federal prisoner civil rights case alleging that the Department of Corrections has refused to provide Wagoner with medical and mental health care for gender dysphoria and gender dysphoria related injuries.  A pro bono attorney would be helpful in drafting an amended complaint, navigating discovery, motions practice, and any possible settlement conferences.

3:18-cv-00264-SLG; Davis v. Diaz

Federal prisoner civil rights case alleging constitutional violations for cruel and unusual punishment for failing to provide adequate medical care for prisoner’s heart condition. Volunteer counsel would be needed for discovery, motions, settlement conferences, or trial.  

3:19-cv-00094-MMS; Ogle v. Nighswonger, et al.

Federal prisoner civil rights case alleges that prison officials censored a book (and have a pattern of censoring publications) based upon personal feelings and beliefs, rather than policy based upon penological concerns, and that grievance procedures are not followed after censorship occurs.  Pro bono counsel would be helpful in drafting an amended complaint, discovery, motions practice, settlement negotiations or any other scope of representation that a volunteer is willing to undertake.


If interested in volunteering please contact Susan Orlansky at or (907) 222-7117.

Alaska Immigration Justice Project – Pro Bono Asylum Project

(Updated 7/8/2019)


The Alaska Immigration Justice Project will provide training and mentoring for pro bono attorneys willing to take on an asylum case or a Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (“SIJS”) guardianship case. 


Asylum #1 – Mexican mother of four daughters seeks asylum due to political persecution involving sexual assaults.  Needs pro bono attorney to file asylum application and represent her in Immigration Court.


Asylum #2 – Mother and daughter from Central American country seek asylum due to gender persecution.  Need pro bono attorney to file asylum applications and represent them in Immigration Court.


Please contact Dan Rodgers at (907) 279-2457 or if interested in receiving more information.