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Dues and Payments

Dues and Payments

Bar Dues

All dues payments are due by February 1, either post-marked or hand-delivered.  See Article II of the Alaska Bar Bylaws.

Pay Bar dues online at
Each member should log on to his/her online Alaska Bar Association account (login information is available on the back of your Bar dues statement). It is recommended that once you have logged on, you change your password.

Membership Fees

Active Status (MCLE required)
2024 Active dues form.  You can pay your active dues in full or in two installments:

  • $660 Full payment due by February 1 (includes required $10 for Lawyers’ Fund for Client Protection).
  • $350 1st installment due by February 1 (includes a $25 service fee).
    $335 2nd installment due by July 1 (includes $10 for Lawyers’ Fund for Client Protection).

Active Seniors (MCLE required)
Active members who are at least 70 yrs old by February 1, 2020 and have been members for 25 years or more.

  • $335 Full payment due by February 1 (includes required $10 for Lawyers’ Fund for Client Protection).

Inactive Status (MCLE not required)
2024 Inactive dues form

  • $215 Full Payment due by February 1.

Late Fees
Payments received after February 1 will incur a late fee of $10 per week. If you make your dues payment after the deadline, you should include the late fee, with each portion of a week considered a whole week. Download the penalty schedule.

Members who do not pay their dues or late fees will have their license suspended. On March 1, members will be given notice that on approximately April 1, a petition will be filed with the supreme court requesting that the members who have not paid their bar dues or late fees have their license suspended. (See Alaska Bar Rule 61). 

Lawyers’ Fund for Client Protection (Active Status Only)
This fund is created for the purpose of reimbursing clients who have suffered non-insured losses of money or things of value as a result of dishonest conduct by attorneys. Bar Association Bylaw Article III, Section 1(a) mandates that all active members must pay $10 annually to the Fund. Bar Rule 61 provides that a member may be suspended for failure to pay this fee.

Membership Status Changes

Requests to transfer status to inactive must be made by January 1. An affidavit must be completed and sent to the Alaska Bar Association office. A member who practices law for any portion of a year is not eligible to go on inactive status for that year. For more information on status changes, click here

ARPC 1.15 Safekeeping Property (Mandatory)

Active Status Only – (e) A lawyer shall indicate on the lawyer’s annual bar dues notice whether the lawyer or the lawyer’s law firm: 1) elects to maintain the IOLTA trust account described in paragraph (d); 2) elects not to maintain the IOLTA trust account described in paragraph (d); or 3) does not maintain a trust account. A lawyer or law firm who wishes to change a previous election may do so at any time by notifying the Alaska Bar Association in writing. An IOLTA account may be maintained in or out of the State of Alaska.

Alaska Legal Services Corporation

ALSC, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, provides low-income Alaskans with access to the civil justice system. Through free legal advice, assistance, and/or representation, ALSC directly helps impoverished families, senior citizens, battered spouses, children suffering from abuse, the homeless, and the hungry obtain the help that they are entitled to receive. Your tax-deductible donation to the Robert Hickerson Partners in Justice Campaign will help ALSC deliver civil legal assistance and access to our system of law to needy Alaskans throughout the state.

Voluntary Contributions

Alaska Bar Foundation:
The non-profit Alaska Bar Foundation raises and distributes funds to improve the administration of justice and provide legal services to the indigent. Your voluntary tax deductible contribution to the Foundation will aid in its continuing effort to fund programs designed to serve the public and the legal profession.

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