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Inactive or Retired to Active

(inactive or retired LESS than 1 year)

Transfer from Inactive or Retired to Active (inactive less than 1 year)

The member requesting the status change must submit the following:

    1. A letter requesting a return to active status
    2. A signed and notarized affidavit which lists:
        1. The name(s) and address(es) of any employer or business with which the member has been associated while on inactive status
        2. Whether the member has been the subject of any disciplinary proceedings in any jurisdiction.
    3. The member should have the jurisdiction in which (s)he has been practicing since leaving Alaska certify directly to the Alaska Bar that (s)he is a member in good standing of that jurisdiction.
    4. Full annual active membership fees (less any inactive fees already paid for that year). The current active membership fees are $660.

Inactive to active affidavit (inactive less than 1 year)

Following receipt of the letter requesting the transfer and its accompanying affidavit, the appropriate dues, and the certificate of good standing from the appropriate jurisdiction(s), the Executive Director will review your request to become an active member of the Alaska Bar Association. You will be promptly notified of action taken on your request to transfer to active status.

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