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Complaints Against Attorneys

Information and instructions on submitting a grievance against an attorney. 

Filing a Complaint Against An Attorney

Instructions for Submitting Attorney Grievance Form:

  1. Complete the Attorney Grievance Form; (If you are filling out this form electronically, you must print out the completed form to sign and date it before sending in the original. Forms cannot be submitted electronically or by fax. We cannot accept a photocopy of your completed grievance form.)
  2. Tell us what the attorney did, or didn’t do, that you believe to be unethical.
  3. If there are papers or documents which would help us understand your grievance, please attach a copy of those papers to your grievance.
  4. Attachments to the grievance should be arranged in a neat and orderly fashion. Please do not use staples, tabs or submit double sided documents.
  5. Be sure to sign the form and return it with your original signature to this office. You should keep a copy for yourself.

For any questions concerning the grievance form or the attorney discipline process in Alaska, please contact the Alaska Bar Association at 907-272-7469, at the address listed below or e-mail us at

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