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Committee Descriptions

Alaska Bar Rag: The editor of the Alaska Bar Rag seeks lawyers interested in contributing articles, writing news stories, or trying a column.

Alaska Rules of Professional Conduct: This committee reviews suggested amendments to the ARPC and makes recommendations to the Board of Governors.

Continuing Legal Education: This committee reviews the continuing legal education needs of Bar members, and makes recommendations for topics and speakers to the CLE Director.

*Discipline Divisions & Hearing Committees: Established in each of the judicial districts, these area discipline divisions are created by Bar rule and charged with holding hearings to assess the validity of allegations of improper conduct against a member of the Association.

Ethics: This committee researches and writes ethics opinions for the Association at the request of Bar Counsel and/or the Board of Governors.

*Applicants for this committee must submit a resume or a brief letter stating your background; appointments for 4-year terms are made by the Chief Justice from lists proposed by the Board. See Bar Rule 12 for more information.

Fair & Impartial Courts: This committee is responsible for activities to educate the public about and promote the concept of fair and impartial courts.

Fee Arbitration Panels: Established in Ketchikan, Juneau, Anchorage and Fairbanks, these committees are charged by Bar rule with arbitrating fee disputes between attorneys and clients.

Historians: This committee presents programs and preserves the history of the Alaska Bar.

Law Examiners: This committee grades the essay portion of the Alaska Bar Examination.

Law-Related Education: This committee develops and participates in various law related programs for teachers, students, and the public.

Lawyers’ Assistance: Committee members provide information on substance abuse, make referrals, assist in alcohol screening or participate in interventions.


Mediation Panels: Established in each of the judicial districts, these panels are created by Bar rule and charged with providing a means of settling disputes between attorneys and clients when the problems are neither irreconcilable nor judged to be a matter for fee arbitration or discipline.

Pro Bono Service: This committee is responsible for identifying and promoting activities which would facilitate the provision of pro bono services and encourage all attorneys to provide pro bono service.

Scholarship Fundraising and Implementation: This committee is responsible for the fundraising and implementation of the scholarship program in which law school scholarships are awarded to current 1st or 2nd year students who demonstrate ties to Alaska and a commitment to return to Alaska within two years of graduation.

Tutors: This committee offers tutoring services to applicants who fail the Alaska Bar Examination. Guidelines are provided on how to tutor applicants writing essay exams.


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