This committee presents programs and preserves the history of the Alaska Bar. 

Margaret Vale (Mrs. George Howe), niece of President Woodrow Wilson, representing Alaska in a suffrage parade in New York, Oct. 1915.

Library of Congress, Bain Collection


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A Halloween Remembrance


In the spirit of the season and bearing in mind its mission to preserve the history of the Alaska Bar, the committee invites you to remember the 1969 Alaska Bar Convention in Nome and “the return of Fred Crane.”  This remembrance was originally published in the May 1981 Alaska Bar Rag column “All My Trials” by Gail Roy Fraties. View the excerpt and the full column here.




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Historian Luncheon Audio/Video Recordings


2020 Historians Luncheon – Centennial of the Nineteenth Amendment: Why Doubling the Size of the Electorate to Include Women Mattered



2019 Historians Luncheon – Watching the Watchmen: Independence, the Indigent, and the Public Defender Agency at Fifty




2015 Historians Luncheon – The Lost Alaskans: Morningside Hospital & Mental Health in Territorial Alaska


2014 Historians Luncheon – The Bar Rag: 30 Years of Not Taking Ourselves Too Seriously 


2013 Historians Luncheon – The Legacy of Gideon: 50 Years in the 49th State


2002 Historians Luncheon – Constitutional Convention


Click here to watch the Luncheon.


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