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Historians Committee


This committee presents programs and preserves the history of the Alaska Bar.
If you would like to volunteer to serve on the committee email

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events at this time. 

Resources for the Bar and Public

Looking for more resources? View our page here for more helpful links for Bar Members and our Community.

Historian Luncheon Audio/Video Recordings

2023 Historians Luncheon – A Fairbanks Murder Mystery: Ted Stevens, Johnny Warren and the Unsolved Murder of Cecil Wells

2022 Historians Luncheon –  Unconventional Questions: The Hows, Whys, and Why Nots of a Constitutional Convention

2021 Historians Luncheon – 50th Anniversary of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act

2020 Historians Luncheon – Centennial of the Nineteenth Amendment: Why Doubling the Size of the Electorate to Include Women Mattered

2019 Historians Luncheon – Watching the Watchmen: Independence, the Indigent, and the Public Defender Agency at Fifty

2017 Historians Luncheon – Raising the Bar: The Fairer Sex Practices Law in Early Alaska

2015 Historians Luncheon – The Lost Alaskans: Morningside Hospital & Mental Health in Territorial Alaska

2014 Historians Luncheon – The Bar Rag: 30 Years of Not Taking Ourselves Too Seriously 

2013 Historians Luncheon – The Legacy of Gideon: 50 Years in the 49th State

2002 Historians Luncheon – Constitutional Convention

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