Section 8/Public Housing

Section 8/Public Housing


The Section 8 Voucher program provides help with your rent in the form of “vouchers.”  If you or your family meets the eligibility requirements, you can use the voucher to rent affordable housing in the private market.  You are responsible for finding housing that is decent, safe, and clean under the federal housing quality standards, with a landlord who is willing to rent to the family.  All types of rental housing are eligible for the program, including single family homes and apartments.

When you find a suitable place and a willing landlord, AHFC will consider approval of the rental. AHFC will determine whether the rent is “reasonable,” whether the lease meets federal requirements, and whether the unit meets housing quality standards.  If AHFC approves, then you and the landlord will enter into a lease agreement.  Usually, your share of the rent is set at 30 percent of your family’s adjusted household monthly income. AHFC will pay the rest directly to the landlord.

You may apply for the Section 8 Voucher program at any of AHFC’s program locations. To find the nearest AHFC program location, please visit the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation website or call (800) 478-2432.

AHFC owns and operates more than 1,600 “public housing” units throughout Alaska.  You can apply to live in one of these units.  If you are eligible for a public housing unit, you pay 30 percent of your adjusted monthly income as rent.  The program pays the rest.  In most cases, AHFC units have on-site managers and maintenance staff.  Sometimes there are on-site support services and skills training provided by social service and educational organizations.

You qualify to live in public housing if your income is less than 80 percent of the median income.  Families earning below 30 percent of median income have priority to get one of the units.  The federal housing agency (HUD) determines the income limits based on family size and the location of your community.  AHFC has a waiting list for public housing that starts from the date you turned in the housing application.  You may qualify to be moved to the top of the list in special circumstances, such as:

  • being a victim of domestic violence
  • being homeless
  • having rent costs more than half your income
  • having a terminal illness
  • being disabled
  • having elderly family members
  • being a veteran, or
  • losing your home due to a natural disaster.

Under the Section 8 Voucher program, once your family qualifies for a voucher, you can move both within and outside Alaska and keep the rental assistance.  If you use the public housing program, your rental assistance money is tied to that unit.  This means that you cannot move and keep the rental money to use in another rental property.

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