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No. Although state law has changed to allow personal use of marijuana under certain conditions,  federal law regarding marijuana has not. It is still a federal crime, for example, to possess and use even small amounts of marijuana. It is up to federal law enforcement whether or not to prosecute these crimes.

There are also a variety of federal regulations specifically prohibiting marijuana use or possession near schools and other places.  These laws designed to protect children or certain other groups of people may be more likely to be enforced.

In addition, property owners may prohibit the use or possession of marijuana on their properties. So if you are renting an apartment, the property owner may prohibit you from having marijuana there. And employers may prohibit marijuana on their property.

Also, remember that marijuana use or possession is still a crime under many state laws, so if you are travelling out of state with marijuana you could be arrested or fined in a different state.

If you are 21 or older, state law allows you to use and possess up to one ounce of marijuana, unless the use is prohibited by a property owner or other specific rule.

No. It is against the law to use marijuana in public. In addition, marijuana plants may not be visible to the public and they must be kept in a secure place to protect those who are not authorized under state law to use marijuana.

No persons under 21 may sell, give, or possess marijuana.  Even if you are over 21 you may not sell marijuana unless you have a business properly registered with the state and authorized to sell marijuana. However, you may give small amounts of marijuana, up to an ounce and six immature plants, as a gift to someone over 21. The state is in the process of developing regulations that will clarify the rules on using, buying, and selling marijuana.

Not while you are under the influence of marijuana. Driving under the influence of marijuana remains illegal.

Yes. Testing positive for marijuana may be a violation of workplace policies or regulations, so you could be fired from a job for using marijuana. This could happen even if the use was outside of workplace hours and did not otherwise violate state law.