Tobacco Information

Tobacco Information

A person holding a lit cigarette

In Alaska, you have to be 19 years old to smoke legally.  If you are under 19, it is against the law to knowingly possess a cigar, cigarette, tobacco, or any product containing tobacco.

“Tobacco” includes any product that has tobacco in it.  If you have a clove cigarette or bidi cigarette, or any other product that contains tobacco, it’s tobacco.

If you are 19 years old or older, and you negligently sell, give, or exchange a cigarette, cigar, or a product containing tobacco to someone under 19, you have broken the law.  Generally, this means you have to make a careful effort to find out if a person is old enough before you sell or give tobacco to that person.

Alaska law does not allow vending machines that sell tobacco in most places. There are a few exceptions.  A liquor store or a business that has a liquor license may have a vending machine that sells cigarettes or tobacco products if the machine is as far as possible from the entrance and is always watched.  A vending machine in a break room or controlled area of a private work place may sell cigarettes or tobacco products if a sign posted nearby warns that the law prohibits anyone under 19 from possessing tobacco.