Vaping is the act of inhaling and exhaling vapor produced by an e-cigarettes or similar electronic devise that delivers nicotine, such as e-hookahs, hookah pens, vape pens, vaporizers, e-cigars, and e-pipes. In Alaska, vaping is considered smoking because it delivers nicotine.

Are there different kinds of e-cigarettes used in vaping?  There are hundreds of different brands of e-cigarettes on the market today and thousands of flavors. A few examples are e-cigarettes called “Mark Ten,” “blu,” and “Vuse.” 

How old do I have to be to buy an e-cigarette in Alaska? Under current Alaska state law, electronic-cigarettes may only be sold or given to Alaskans who are over the age of 19. 


How old do I have to be to vape in Alaska? In Alaska, you have to be 19 years old to vape e-cigarettes. If you are under 19, it is against the law to knowingly possess an e-cigarette or any product containing tobacco unless you fall within the exception.


What is the exception? The exceptions are (1) for e-cigarettes approved by the FDA and used under medical supervision for purposes of a smoking cessation or other harm reduction treatment, and (2) when a pharmacist provides it to a person over 18 years old without a prescription. (For more information go to http://www.legis.state.ak.us/basis/statutes.asp#11.76.109 

Is vaping permitted everywhere in Alaska? Under the Smokefree Alaska Law (AS 18.35.300 – 18.35.399) all forms of vaping, including e-cigarettes, vape pens/personal vaporizers and e-hookah, whether or not the device contains nicotine, are forbidden forbids in workplaces and public places.

Can I get in trouble for giving someone else an e-cigarette if I don’t vape myself? 

If you are 19 years old or older, and you negligently sell, give, or exchange a product containing tobacco to someone under 19, you have broken the law. Generally, this means you have to make a careful effort to find out if a person is old enough before you sell or give the tobacco product to that person.


Can I maintain a vending machine that sells e-cigarettes if I don’t use them myself?? 

Alaska law does not allow vending machines that sell tobacco in most places. There are a few exceptions.  A liquor store or a business that has a liquor license may have a vending machine that sells tobacco products if the machine is as far as possible from the entrance and is always watched. A vending machine in a break room or controlled area of a private work place may sell cigarettes or tobacco products if a sign posted nearby warns that the law prohibits anyone under 19 from possessing tobacco.


Are there any health risks to vaping?

Statistics show that some young people find e-cigarettes are addicting as cigarette smoking and those who vape e-cigarettes in high school or middle school are likely to start smoking cigarettes and using other tobacco products.